Adirondack Snowshoe Festival This Weekend

If you’re closer to the northern Adirondacks than Albany and Woodford VT, you might want to check out the two day Adirondack Snowshoe Festival. Saturday’s 5k & 10k races are scheduled to be held at Dewey Mountain in Saranac Lake, while Sunday’s 5k & 15k will be run at the Paul Smiths VIC.

Given the recent warmth and rain it would be best to check with the RDs or keep an eye of their Facebook page for updates on race conditions and locations.


That’s right, another double-header!

Saturday morning brings the annual Brave the Blizzard/Bummer No Blizzard/My Oh My Is It Muddy (ok I made that one up) 5k/5.5mi races at Tawasentha Park in Guilderland, NY. Unless the weather pulls a huge surprise over the next two days this one will be a trail race, and possibly a very muddy trail race (though the colder temperatures Thursday and Friday may help a little with that.) Race time is 10 AM, with day-of registration available, and be sure to stick around after you finish for the pancakes! All the info you could ever want can be found at our race page or of course on the ARE Event Productions race site.

Sunday takes us to Prospect Mountain Nordic in Woodford, VT, site of the upcoming 2018 National Championships, for the Woodford Whiteout 10k. The original intent was to give folks an opportunity to preview the 10k Championship course, but the recent warmth and rain may force some course alterations. Keep an eye out here and/or on our Facebook group for updates as we get closer to race day, but at the moment this is looking to be a snowshoe race with a start time of 11:30 AM. Online registration will be open through 2/24, with day-of available as well. More race info can be found here and at the official site.

Results from Capital Hills 5k Snowshoe Race

Sunday 2/11 saw the inaugural running of the Capital Hills 5k at the CRNA‘s Capital Hills Nordic Center (aka Capital Hills Golf Course in the winter.) While conditions were far from ideal, 11 crazy people determined snowshoers braved the rain, ice, slush, and standing water to cover a 5k course up and down the hills (it’s in the name after all!) of what would likely be a fantastic course with good snow and nice weather. Brian and Jessica Northan were the first finishers for the men and women, respectively, but there is no question that everyone who braved the elements that day is a winner in their own right. Huge thanks to Russ Myer and Tom Wright of the CRNA for their “the show must go on!” attitude and for putting together what had to be the best possible race under some pretty difficult circumstances. Plans have already been made for a possible 2nd race on Sunday March 4 – let’s hope the weather will be more cooperative for that one!

Race results can be found here.