Calling All Writers, Bloggers, Etc – Submissions Needed for the Newsletter

We have traditionally had a newsletter to accompany our series, with a combination of race results, race reports, and articles about topics related to our sport. In addition to being the humble web-minion, I also get to assemble the newsletter to post on our site.
If you have a race report that you’d like to share or other writing relevant to what we do, please send it along via my email and you will get bragging rights that you are a published author in what is likely the oldest snowshoeing newsletter in the northeastern US (if not the whole US.) Race reports about non-series races are welcome. Do you have a particular piece of gear that you think is fantastic – send along a review. Write snowshoe haikus or sonnets? Share them with us.
If you’re wondering what this mythic newsletter has contained in the past – check out the SnoNews page on our main menu for almost two decades worth of newsletters.
Any questions, shoot me an email and I will try to have answers…