On Saturday Feb. 17, 40 sensible¬†snowshoers tackled the challenging 6k course at Natural Stone Bridge & Caves Park in Pottersville, NY, with Christopher O’Sullivan and Karen McGlade capturing the 1st place finishes. At the same time, 21 brave (or foolish!) snowshoers took on the challenge of the 15k EXTREME (caps courtesy of the RD, not me!) course – and survived, with Sam Peckham and Jamie Woolsey claiming the top spots. Having run the tough 6k course last year, I have no doubt that the EXTREME finishers more than earned their bragging rights.

Many thanks to Greg Beckler and his crew of helpers for another great event, and especially for the trail passes provided to all pre-registered runners. This private park is a little-known gem of the southern Adirondacks that deserves a lot more attention than it gets.

Race results can be found here.

The folks at Natural Stone Bridge and Caves Park have made photos and videos available – check out our photos page or following the links below.

prerace photos
start photos
finish photos
start video
trail cam video

And finally, we have Laura Clark’s Stone Bridge Caveman story to complete the coverage of the race.