Two weeks before the 2018 National Championships the snow was disappearing and RD Tim Van Orden was developing a multitude of alternate courses for the 7 races scheduled for the March 9-11 weekend. Two days before saw Prospect Mountain Nordic buried under 40 inches of snow and Tim scrambling to get the trail broken on the race courses in preparation for snowshoers from across the US and Canada. Woodford winter magic strikes again, providing an epic weekend of old-fashioned snowshoe racing.

Rather than duplicate the coverage on the 2018 site, I’m going to settle for providing links to what Tim has already compiled.

2018 Race Results

2018 Race Photos & Videos

2018 Race Reports & Articles

Of course, we also have Laura Clark’s report on the weekend, in which we might finally learn the answer to the question “How much harder could it be?”

Huge thanks go to RD Tim Van Orden, who knew what he was getting into (he directed the 2014 National Championships at Prospect Mountain) and took on the task of organzing a 2nd round despite that. I suspect everyone will agree that the countless hours of work he put in more than paid off, especially when Woodford worked its winter magic right before race weekend.

Tim also has merchandise left from the 2018 Championships that he’s offering for sale – so if you’re looking for additional shirts, coasters, or one-of-a-kind unused km markers, they can be ordered here.