After a week of somewhat challenging weather, the 2019 Mt Tom Snowshoe Scramble was surprisingly run as a snowshoe race, thanks to a re-routing of the course that lengthened it slightly, introduced a few new hills, and moved the major climb to later in the loop. Runners had the option of one or two loops. The snow had held up surprisingly well, with decent coverage and a mixed of frozen hard-pack and icy powder.

Runners were given the option of using either snowshoes or trail shoes with traction assistance, so the race has been scored as two separate races based on choice of footwear. Stephen Kerr and Kathy Furlani were the 1st finishes of the 3.4mi snowshoe race, with only Jason Kudron & Tom Tifft completing the 2nd loop on snowshoes. Kelsey Allen finished first for both loops of the trail race, seconded by Joseph Bernstein on the 1st loop and Wayne Ball on the 2nd.

Thanks to Amy Rusiecki and her team of volunteers for continuing the Mt Tom tradition despite multiple challenges – currently this is our only series race that is actually held in MA! Full results can be found here, and photos of most of the runners on the 1st loop are here.