CAMP: Camp Snowshoe WILL be a snowshoe race! Conditions are icy and snowshoes are encouraged and highly recommended as the many footprint impacts will catch a spiked foot and cause it to twist painfully.  The first 1 ¼ mile is very icy and should be treated as a warmup and not an actual race. Stick to the sides of the trail. Once you cross the Beaver Bridge at 1 ¼ mile, conditions improve.  See you there!

CAVEMAN: The snow survived, this will also be a snowshoe race!

Saturday 2/19 – Camp Saratoga 8k Wilton NY
online reg & race info (day of reg available)

Sunday 2/20 – Stone Bridge Caveman 6k Pottersville NY
online reg & race info


Hope everyone had a chance to enjoy the teaser of spring, because it’s gone for the next few days. This evening the temperature dropped to freezing around Albany and it’s supposed to be in the low 20’s tomorrow morning.

Brave the Blizzard has no indoor facilities, so dress appropriately and bring warm dry clothes for after the race.

Race day reg is available for $30 starting at 9 AM.

Course conditions straight from the BTB web page:

Nearly the entire course remains covered with snow (and/or some form of what will be ice in the morning) with the exception of the 3 road crossings and one section of course that is roughly 25 yards.

As such:

  1. While it won’t be “perfect” for snowshoes, it is technically doable
  2. With that said, it is our *suggestion* that for those who DO have microspikes or Yaktrax, you will probably have a better overall experience using those instead of snowshoes
  3. If you are intent on running it and *only* otherwise have a normal running or trail shoe, for your safety on some of the icy spots, we would recommend that you use snowshoes.

More info can be found in the 2/11 update.


Mt Tom got rain and no snow during the storm so tomorrow’s race will be a very icy trail race with traction assistance required (microspike, yaktrax, screw shoes, etc. The loop is 4 mi long, so the options are 4 mi or 8 mi – you can decide which at the end of the 1st loop.

Day of reg is available.

Masks are required while in the building for registration and using the restrooms.

Hot water and cocoa mix will be available at the finish but you’ll need to bring your own mug/cup.