First things first, our next series race is right around the corner – Gore Nordic Citizens’ Race #6 at 6 PM on Tuesday 2/25. This is supposed to be the final race in their Tuesday evening series (though there was some talk two weeks about maybe doing one or two more as “fun runs” before the snow totally disappears) and as such should result in the raffle to end all raffles after the race, with prizes ranging from winter clothing to calendars to gift cards and even a few unique homemade items.

All the info can be found here; please arrive by 5:30 to have time to get registered, races (we share the trails with both classic and skate XC skiers) go off at 6 PM sharp. The full distance is 4 loops, just under 3 miles total – you can stop early but only 4 loop finishers are eligible for series points.

Next, a huge thank you to all the RD’s who’ve gotten me copies of their recent race results and then wondered when they’d be posted. Having spent the better part of a week sick combined with coming into the end of the winter term at work (which means exams to create and grade and grades to compile and record) has left me behind in posting results and past race info, but I’m really hoping to get caught up next weekend and during the following week. Your patience is much appreciated – it will all be here soon (as will the end of the series for another season – where does the time go?)