Welcome to 2020!

UPDATE FRIDAY 1/3 – direct from the RD, the race distance will be 10k, by Sunday morning the surface should be a firm base with some fluff on top.
Looking at the map Mike sent along, it looks like it’s possible to bail at about 4 miles if you don’t feel up to the full 10k – note that only the full 10k will be timed and counted toward series points.

RD Mike Owens says the conditions are looking favorable for Sunday’s Get Rec’d at the Town of Stratton Recreation Area. He’s planning to get the course finalized today and once he has an official distance it will be posted.

All the race info can be found here (including GPS coordinates and a googlemaps link for the race site.) Printing and filling out a registration form ahead of time will save time on race morning. Note that registration is cash only and that this is a “primitive” site – the only amenities are a small open shelter, an outhouse, and the positive attitudes of your fellow snowshoers.

Keep an eye out for updates over the next couple of days.


… and as we head toward the end of 2019, we hope you can find some time to enjoy the outdoors, whether you have snow or not. Everyone has their own reason for participating in our series of snowshoe races, but it’s probably fair to say that the one thing we have in common is we all have fun spending time outdoors – even during a part of the year when everyone else thinks we’re nuts for doing so!

Wherever your travels may take you this holiday season, we wish you all a safe, peaceful, and healthy holiday season. With luck and cooperation from Mother Nature we’ll see you on the trails in January 2020!


… the web minion must be bored or something (he hasn’t even tried to sneak away to see the new Star Wars movie!)

Anyway, we have information posted on an additional series race in mid February – the FRIGUS 5k/15k/marathon races at Moreau Lake State Park just north of Saratoga Springs, NY.

AND the list of non-series races has been renovated and updated. Looking up the current information for all of those races is very time consuming (there are currently 44 races on the list.) That’s time I’d rather be spending outdoors or getting some much-needed sleep. The new listing gives the name of the race with a link to the race website, as well as the part of the month (early, mid,late) when the race is usually held. If you’re interested in one of these races, you’ll need to do the work of looking up the most current race information. If you’re the RD of a race that isn’t on the list, or one that is and you’d like us to mention your race in an upcoming update, send the info along using the email addresses listed on the “contact us” page and we’ll do what we can.