Work has already announced that we’re closed tomorrow due to the impending storm so look for tons of updates coming in the next day or two, including results, reports, and photo from the Stone Bridge Caveman, Brave the Blizzard, Garnet Hill, and Capital Hills races from the past three weekends. Stay tuned!


The snow has held up fairly well, with a few bare spots in the woods and water in the low-lying areas. But considering that the entire course was bare three days ago, this is a huge improvement.

Bring dry clothes for afterwards and expect to get wet. For those who were at Brave the Blizzard last week, I suspect this will be similarly wet and sloppy, just with enough snow to snowshoe in most spots.

Race info for those who need it.



Garnet Hill is currently getting a nice batch of fresh snow and should be in good shape for tomorrow’s 10k. Check-in/day of registration 8:30-9:45, race starts 10 AM. More details here.

For once Albany seems to have bucked the odds and has a decent snowfall – currently 6-7″ rather than the under an inch forecast. And it’s pretty dense so it should survive the rain later today. Given that, the CRNA folks have declared Sunday’s race a go! Registration from 8:30 – 9:45, please print and fill out the waiver to save time Sunday morning. Race starts at 10 AM. More details here.

If anyone is on the fence regarding Capital Hills because who wants to run around a golf course (I’ve been known to say that a time or three) – most of the Capital Hills course doesn’t feel like you’re running around a golf course, more like meadows bordered by woods, so it is worth giving it a try. Of course, the word “hills” is right in the name, so don’t be surprised at the terrain when you get there…



… before the National Championships in Woodford VT on Mar. 9-11. We’ve got the potential for two series races this weekend, both in New York.

Saturday is the Garnet Hill 10k at Garnet Hill Lodge in the southern Adirondacks (North River, NY.) It’s currently unclear what conditions will be like, given the uncertainty associated with Friday’s storm, but the race organizers have been very confident they will have enough snow to hold the event. Start time is at 10 AM, with check-in and day-of registration from 8:30-9:45. All the relevant info can be found on our race page.

Sunday offers a return to the 5k course at Capital Hills Nordic in Albany, if Friday’s storm behaves unexpectedly and actually deposits significant snow on the area. If the race happens, day-of registration will be $20 with a start time of 10 AM. We should have a better idea of what’s happening with this one on either Friday night or Saturday morning; if conditions permit the race, I’ll update the race page with the current info and post a link.

Just a reminder, the weather over the past few weeks has been very unfriendly for snowshoeing and there is all sorts of uncertainty in this weekend’s schedule. Keep an eye out here and on our Facebook group for updates on Friday and Saturday – if anything changes we’ll post the new info as soon as we can after getting it.