First, a quick reminder that the Nor’East Trail Runs races at Viking Nordic tomorrow are on. Races start at 8 AM.

The Winterfest course for Sunday is marked and unless the park suddenly gets three or more inches of snow it will be a trail race with traction assistance required – there are some very icy sections of the course. RD Laura Clark asks that everyone be mindful of the conditions and run (or walk, if needed) safely. In her words, “the winners will be the ones who stay upright!”

An inexpensive alternative to Yaktrax, Microspikes, and so on is to make a set of screw shoes. A pack of screws can be picked up for a few dollars at Lowes and installed using a drill, power screwdriver, or even a manual screwdriver/nut driver. One place to find some guidelines to do this is here, and we’ll have a station set up prior to the race on Sunday to add some screws to shoes for anyone who wants them. (You’re also welcome to run on snowshoes, but without snow that will likely be uncomfortable and will definitely beat the heck out of your snowshoes.)

Check-in/registration is from 9:30-10:30ish, with the race starting in the quad at 11 AM.


Wow, it’s hard to believe a week has passed – it seems like only two days ago I was running a 5k snowshoe race at Gore Nordic Center (oh, wait, I was, just not a series race!)

After being defeated by the weather for their first few races this year, the Nor’East Trail Runs crew is excited to hold their first races this season on Saturday 2/1, a 10k and a half marathon, at Viking Nordic Center in Londonderry, VT. Registration open at 7 AM, races start at 8 AM. All the relevant info can be found here.

Sunday 2/2 brings the return of the oldest race in the DION WMAC series, the Saratoga Winterfest 5k at Saratoga Spa State Park in Saratoga Springs, NY. Registration opens at 9:30 AM with the race starting at 11 AM. All the relevant info can be found here. RD Laura Clark suspects it will be a trail race with traction assistance highly recommended, so keep an eye out here and on FB for updates as race day gets closer – she’ll have a better idea of conditions once the course is marked tomorrow.



(updated Friday 1/24 evening)

Saturday morning brings the Mt Tom Scramble 5k/10k in Holyoke, MA. RD Amy Rusieckie reports that the snow cover is too thin for snowshoes, so this will be a trail race with thin snow cover – your call if you want to run with traction assistance or not, but it’s probably wise to bring it just in case. Registration is from 8:15 – 8:50 AM, with the races starting at 9 AM. The 10k does two loops of the 5k, and runners can decide after the first loop if they want to stop or continue. There will be a potluck afterwards (bring something to share if you can!) and anyone staying is encouraged to bring a mug with them to cut down on the number of disposable cups used.

Sunday morning takes us to Queensbury, NY for the Gurney Lane 5k. RD Bob Underwood is also optimistic that we’ll be able to snowshoe, but Saturday is supposed to be a rainy day, so best to again plan for all possibilities – snowshoes, trail shoes, or trail shoes with traction assistance. Registration is open until a short time before the race starts at 10 AM.


This came in the Amy Rusiecki, RD of the upcoming 1/25 Mt Tom Snowshoe Scramble, earlier this week (after much of the northeast received a light dusting of snow, so prior to this weekend’s more substantial storm.) Preregistration remains open until Friday 1/24 at 5 PM.

The dusting of snow this morning reminded me that the 2020 Mt. Tom Snowshoe Scramble is just over a week away.  I am doing my snow dances that Saturday night brings us some good snow…and hope you join me in that effort!  Otherwise, let’s have a fun trail race instead!!!

I am emailing simply to remind folks that the race will be on, regardless of snow conditions…it might be snowshoeing, it might be trail running, and it might require traction (microspikes or something like that).  

We’d love to have more company on the trails, so I encourage you each to find a friend or two and drag them along to the race.  Remember that there’s a team competition this year (for ultimate bragging rights, adding the 5k finish time/split from the 4 fastest folks from each group) – you don’t need to be a USATF or RRCA club to participate as a team.

I’ll update folks on the trail conditions as I know more (likely middle of next week) and look forward to seeing everyone on Saturday!”

And while you’re here – don’t forget the rescheduled Gurney Lane 5k on Sunday 1/26, with prereg also open until Friday at 5 PM – our first double-header weekend of the season!